“A rising superstar…eloquent and witty.”

—New York Times Magazine

“One of the great social philosophers of contemporary America.”

—Oxford University

“[Friedman’s] popular show…promotes ethical thinking in cable markets across the U.S.”

—Rolling Stone

“A most unusual man who is saying what needs to be said…. Provocative and inspiring.”

—Bob Grant, New York City talk radio show host

“Friedman is an energetic and entertaining speaker and writer, exploring with careful wit and compassion the gamut of human behavior. He challenges our notions of such concepts as modesty, loyalty, privacy, and sexuality, and makes a lively and persuasive case for values that
may have fallen from fashion.”

—The Hungry Mind

“Essential reading not only for couples who want to regain intimacy, but for singles seeking relationship wisdom in a culture of meaningless hook-ups. Rabbi Friedman addresses the underlying issues that have degraded marital intimacy to the point where sex, even in marriage, is entertainment. He provides the antidote for the ills that plague today’s relationships. The Joy of Intimacy is written in a lucid and engaging style. It will hold your attention from the first page to the last. I urge you to buy this book! Invest in your relationship, or help a loved one with theirs.”

—Miriam Grossman, MD, author of Unprotected and You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?