Meet The Authors of The Joy of Intimacy

Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis 


Rabbi Manis Friedman is a world-renowned author, counselor, teacher, and speaker, well known for his provocative and incisive wit and wisdom.

His international speaking tours, seminars, and retreats take him around the world, and he has been featured on CNN, A&E Reviews, PBS, and BBC Worldwide as well as in such publications as The New York Times, Rolling Stone, Seventeen, Guideposts, and Publishers Weekly.

His first book, Doesn’t Anyone Blush Anymore? (published by Harper San Francisco), was widely praised by the media  and features an enthusiastic review by the legendary Bob Dylan. He has hosted his own critically acclaimed cable television series syndicated throughout North America.

Rabbi Friedman is featured in the award-winning documentary The Lost Key. He is the dean of Bais Chana Institute of Jewish Studies, which he cofounded in 1971, and the founder of It’s Good to Know, a nonprofit life-learning foundation based in New York City. He lives with his family in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Ricardo AdlerRicardo Adler

Ricardo Adler is an award-winning filmmaker whose passion is to transform audiences through the beauty of Jewish wisdom. His latest release is The Lost Key: Rediscover Intimacy, a joint effort with Rabbi Manis Friedman.

The film had a successful festival run world- wide, won an award for best documentary, received pos- itive reviews from film critics, and was featured in The Daily Beast, Los Angeles Times, CNN en Español, America TeVe/Fox Mundo, The Jewish Journal, and other publica- tions. For more information, visit

Previously, Ricardo Adler released two documenta- ries that met with success in more than 20 countries, including Mazal Tov: What You Didn’t Know About Jewish Marriage, which has generated 100,000+ downloads.

Before becoming a filmmaker, he earned a degree in engineering at Stanford followed by a successful career in high-tech serving Fortune 500 companies. He has been featured in major publications such as Machine Design, Artificial Intelligence in Engineering, and MacWorld.

Ricardo lives in Venezuela with his family.